2 Ways to Style your Skirt | Find your Style.

Hello Guys,

So todays post is going to be little different. I know that in todays world there are really few people who have their own statement style or they know how to carry their style. Taking some inspiration from Armani who wears only Black & White colour which is his statement style.

There are really few icons and people who have definite style. And its always good to have one. Also having your own sense of style or having your own Style Statement is considered one of the most important thing in Fashion Business.

But what if someone has a style to adopt to all Styles? That’s totally alright, right!!

So Today I decided to express my thoughts on 2 ways to style my pleated High-waist Skirt. Both the looks are totally part of my personality, one being edgier and sportier. And other being a little bit dressy and classier.

For the first look, I decided to wear this Black one piece dress and add my skirt over it. I also accessorized it with few golden jewellery in the form of neckpiece and hand rings. I think this totally looks classier and so perfect for my date night look.

I also added my heels to give the outfit a perfect look.

Now for the next look I decided to turn the same skirt into a Sportier look. This can be worn at concerts, or as brunch look. I decided to add my Favourite Singlet from “Forever 21” also the colour of my singlet top totally complements the look along with the skirt. Now to make it look a bit trendier I decided to layer it up with this grey jacket that I got from Colaba market & it’s a steal guys.

Now to complete the look I decided to wear my white sneakers and that’s it! You can even add a cap to this!

I loved creating this looks, I hope it helped you somehow and let me know what you guys think!!  Till then keep smiling and spread good Vibes !!

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