3 Looks Inspired by Gigi Hadid!! Love <3

Hey guys,

So this post is all about getting inspired by Gigi Hadid’s style. Yes I adore her, just love the way she brings up life to an boring basic outfit <3 shes an inspiration for me..

So here are 3 basic everyday outfits that are my favourite and easy to create, inspired by Gigi Hadid 🙂

For the first look, she is wearing this grey cropped top layered with grey cape and those metalic statement shoes..

So this is how I created the look, since I didnt had those metalic shoes i decided to wear my regular sport shoe 😀

For the second look that i picked up is this Denim on Denim look.

This is my favourite of all.. Its so easy and effortless.. Still feels like you have given it a thought.. I love such casual yet trendy vibes & hence this look..

And now for the last look. I decided to go for is this Black on Black cool outfit..

Since I had no cooler bomber jacket, i decided to work around it and created this look with things that I had!! 🙂

Clicked by : Shawn Vaz


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