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2 Ways to Style your Skirt | Find your Style. Hello Guys, So todays post is going to be little different. I know that in todays world there are really few people who have their own statement style or they know how to carry their style. Taking some inspiration from Armani who wears only Black & White colour which is his statement style. There are …


Dress like a Bawse!! Suit it up & Note on How to be Confident. How does it feel to be dressed like a Bawse? Don’t answer me or don’t just keep thinking.. Ask YOURSELF & find the answer!! It feels amazing!! Empowering, positive authoritative right?? If you are a girl, lady, women or whatever you like to be addressed with, you are surely going to enjoy this post throughout!! …


KNOW YOUR ROOTS| THROUGH MY LENSE| STORY BEHIND THE SAREE Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring – Carmel Snow Saree or Sari whatever you call it.. The Element that joins Rural and Urban, Traditional and Modern all the cultures together. Sari is one of the important element that glorifies one’s beauty, Sari can be both elegant and sexy. Now a Days majority …