DIY Your old Black top!

Hey guys,

Here i am back with a new post, where I literally went out of my way and did this “Do-It-Yourself”. I am not usually a person who would take an effort to create something and dare to wear and show it to the world.

So if you all don’t know i am pursuing Fashion styling course and there we were asked to do create something of our own. It was a fabric manipulation project, but i ended up creating my own stuff. And this is what i do always. 😛

All you need are two black tees. One i used for creating the “v-neck” and other one for creating the pleats. Later on i just stitched two of them together and created this cool “v-neck sleeveless Top”.

Now for patches you can take some extra effort and create it, paint it, cut it and then stitch it. Or you can easily get these at any local tailoring store, which you can then use to create your own stuff.

So this is how I Styled my entire look, with a pair of this DIY denim and a denim jacket. Also the glares really compliment the whole outfit.This easy, chic and edgy look is a must try for all body types. And I would really love to know what you guys think of this look and how would you guys style it 🙂

Love you all <3 Enjoy the Pictures

Clicked by: Rahul Bankar

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  1. I love what you did to your tee, nice
    XO Charissa

  2. Chinmay Musale says:

    heheee….nice idea for outfit!!!

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