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Dress like a Bawse!! Suit it up & Note on How to be Confident.

enter site How does it feel to be dressed like a Bawse? Don’t answer me or don’t just keep thinking.. Ask YOURSELF & find the answer!!

hombres solteros bolivia It feels amazing!! Empowering, positive authoritative right??

http://getraenke-doeden.de/tyuie/1633 If you are a girl, lady, women or whatever you like to be addressed with, you are surely going to enjoy this post throughout!!

I am not going to write about typical social issues or give you some random “gyaan” on being a women. But I am going to lay down some facts here & probably you will get a little uncomfortable in this.

Being a Women we all are expected to be a certain way, walk a certain way, sit a certain way, etc. Not directly always but indirectly too.

Now how do you deal with this? Does it even bother you? Do you like it or not?

If it bothers you, affects you or you don’t enjoy listening to those “expectations” then how do you deal with it? I will tell you how I deal with it! – Just by accepting my OWN SELF. By this I mean by accepting your inner voice.

Now if you feel “they” are right, go ahead ,listen to them dont complain or even feel or have a thought of guilt in your mind!

But if you feel uncomfortable, don’t just get used to it.. Tell your own self to be your own voice..

There is just ONE thing that a women needs, when she walks a room full of people filled with some narrow random thoughts about her, her body, acts and everything.. AND that one thing is CONFIDENCE  / be http://melroth.com/?komp=trading-online-banco-di-napoli&f54=65 CONFIDENT..

  1. the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.
    “we had every  site de rencontres 100 gratuit suisse confidence in the staff”
    2. the telling of private matters or secrets with mutual trust.
    “someone with whom you may raise your suspicions  source in confidence

This is such a priceless gift that any women can gift herself. Now, how does a girl with low morale or low self-esteem be confident? How does someone who is always been told about the way she looks, dresses, walks, sits, laughs, talks etc. by thee “Society” suddenly be the confident girl next door? How does the girl who is been judged by her family, friends, relatives and rest of the ordinary world suddenly be confident?

So the answer to this is- Just by FAKING it!! Yes I mean this, its so easy. Just kill them with your confidence. Initially just try this in small little things. Try to express that you are so confident that you dont care, act it, fake it! Just try and do it even if you know deep inside that you aren’t confident atal… you will end up feeling good, peaceful!! By this I dont mean go out there and hurt others. All I mean is don’t let anyone pull you down.

Everything will fall in place just the way you want it!Ending this post by saying,

“You are Your Own Boss”
Choose your own actions and build your own Empire.

Now for this empowering post, I decided to wear this Blazer Suit for women, and paired it with my formal pants. I wanted to break all the practical ways of wearing this and make this my look!! I think this says it all!

binaire opties demo account Outfit Details:
Blazer: Koovs
Pants: VanHeusen

Clickedby: Gajinder Saini.

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