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A huge Hug to greet you all. Its been a while I have posted anything on our Blog! Actually was tied up with many things! Anyhow, lets start with the idea behind outfit! So whenever I see or think about Pleated skirt it takes me back to those old school days and those uniforms. This is mainly because of the Sporty and playful nature of its design.

I know when you read the word ‘School’ there starts flashback movie in your head, this is my story as well. 😀 The place where there was our first crush, our best-friend, those morning prayers, best recess ever, one girl/guy whom we use to dislike for any foolish reason, that “PT lecture” (which we all use to eagerly wait for) , those creepy fights, gossip corners, and last but definitely not the least that one teacher whom we all troubled a lot! There are hell lot of memories but , I will have to stop now as there is much to share on outfit details as well.





So I think Forever 21 has helped me to step in those shoes again, by adding the elements of style to it. And I guess no body especially girls would wish to come out of that store with empty hands once they have entered. As it has lot more to offer us. Also the best part is that they are super cheap. I got this skirt and the shirt from Forever 21 , and there was this stock clearing sale I guess, where I got this at a super cheap price. The maroon pleated skirt is so comfortable and stylish, and the colour itself will grab the attention as bright and vibrant colours are must this season. Just to add on I feel every wardrobe must have a maroon colour cloth be it plazos, pants, skirts, etc. just as we have the colour black! Believe me snug look serves the best. I wanted to create a casual yet sporty look so added pair of shoes to it, which I got from Hill road.








Now this outfit is best for some casual meetup, or for attending a birthday party, or some meeting at any restaurant. Just make a little changes as per the occasion and you are ready to go.

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