Go Easy! Style your skirt!

We all like to dress easy and yet look Stylish. Here I am sharing one of the most easy and effortless way to style your denim skirt.
Summer is here and I still want to wear black with my fitted denim skirt and yet feel comfortable, so this is how I did it!!
You can do so many things with limited number of outfits, I just love how styling has no limits and no rules. You can just create your own thing and flaunt it with confidence.
For this look I decided to knot this black shirt and roll it up into a fitted short top! Wore my denim skirt, curl my hair make it look messier add some lipstick and I am done!!

Yes it is so easy, all you need is confidence to own what you wear!! 😉

Clicked by : Sandesh & Hitesh

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