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Its time you celebrate LOVE with yourself!

rencontres fortuites citations ‘We all have been told to live our life a certain way almost by everyone around us’. Be it at your home, work, college or wherever. In some or the other way we are ruled by our surrounding.
So here is your time to realise for yourself of how are you going to take certain things.

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dating over 40 forum Lets start it everyday by doing something that you would totally love.
Ask yourself this, ‘Why to depend on others to make you happy, aren’t you good enough for yourself?’
(Hey! Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you to be selfish. All I am saying you is just to concentrate on your own self)
We do enough for others, even if we want to or not. Now lets do it for our own self, & what better time to begin than now.

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source 1. Learn to live by yourself :
Its okay to watch a movie alone, its okay to sip a coffee without having anyone besides you. Its okay to walk long roads with just yourself. In fact I really enjoy doing all this. I feel more connected to myself when I do any of these. I enjoy my company equally, as I enjoy being with my loved ones. Thus would emphasise you to learn to do this and enjoy it for yourself.

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2.Start cooking :
I never thought I would ever say this, but I mean it.. I use to ‘HATE’ entering kitchen to cook. But lately, I have understood the amount of peace I get when I do this. The feeling of watching everyones reaction to your dish or even just enjoying your meal that you cooked for yourself is divine. Its been like a Therapy to me. Really, no kidding guys!! Turn a soft music or any music on and just go with the flow.. Wow!! I love this!

3.Be a Conversation Starter :
Most of us often hesitate to begin a conversation with a stranger, but have you ever tried to just randomly start talking to someone you don’t know? This is something that I had recently done and I can’t tell you how different and magical these things are. You may find it weird by trust me guys you may enjoy this a lot.

4.Pamper yourself :
Yes, Of course! The most important thing, spend on yourself, pamper – go travel, buy something expensive or just pamper yourself however you like to do it.. I am going to book a spa for myself soon 😛

Ya, so well these are few things that I have learnt and I really enjoy doing. I really think this post would reach to your heart and most of you will feel what I just said. 🙂
Share your thoughts guys I would love to know them!!

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