Know Your SHAMPOO | Ft. DOVE for my Hair !

Hey Guys,

Now this is the first time I am writing a Review, like no one has paid or asked me to do so. But I think this is something that I need to share with all of you reading this post.

I have been using Dove for a long time now, more than months. Now many people say you need to keep on changing your Shampoo to nourish your hair. But I honestly have a different experience. I haven’t changed my shampoo (Dove) for more than 5 months now. And I also don’t feel like changing it.

Dove has been one of my personal favourite over months and I thought its important to express it out. As a Blogger and Stylist we need to be out in Sun for almost all the time. Sometime its shoot, sourcing anything. Our work has been on field always.

I wash my hair for more than twice a week, oil it twice and also use a conditioner. I have just used Dove as my Shampoo as it has satisfied my wants. (P.S : Yes I have Grey Hair!! 😛 )

Not only it has stopped my Hair fall but have also added a lot of volume to my hair.

Honestly I have tried Switching to another Shampoo for about a week or so but had terrifying results. I could observe more hair fall and Damaged ends when I wasnt usng DOVE.

I feel most of us face this issue. So for someone who has a texture of Oily & thinning of hair! I would definitely suggest Dove.

Give yourself a try and let me know how well it does for you!! 🙂 I have never written anything so unprepared unbiased and honest. Feeling Great!!

This Amazing Pictures are Shot by : Girish Rajput- @angleofmemories

Write me here, How do you like it? Any suggestions, queires also help me with- What do you want to see next?

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