Glory of “Self-Love”.

Hello Lovers,

First of all Happy New Year guys! Last month was full of fun,joy happiness and spreading love around. December had always been the best time of the year for me, but this time there were many reasons for it. First was my Birthday and Christmas fun! Another one was special as 2015 gave me this “Clickthatstyle” <3 .


To start with something that you love doing is just awe-inspiring. And this post is all about believing in – Self love 🙂 . There is nothing as beautiful as this emotion in the world for me. To conquer this feeling of self love you will have to overcome the fear of your own self!


There are no expectations no hurts no regrets in this, and the most graceful thing is in believing in yourself. Everyone has a bad day in their life, but don’t curse yourself on that. Feel great full of what you are, appreciate your self for the good deeds that you have done be it small or big! Walk alone, talk to yourself, shower treats on yourself, re discover new things in you.


And as the picture says I’m loving this feeling of enjoying myself around, walking the long roads alone, feeling the peace around. The beauty of nature has glorified me, and the evening wouldn’t have been so comfortable without this outfit.I have styled my old printed pant with Grey top, as black white and grey can never go wrong when they are placed together! They are comfortable and elegant as well. To complete this look bag has been the best friend for me.


This is how I love myself! Share your thoughts on this in comments below. Wishing all of you a year full of success and happiness, lets make it a memorable one! 🙂

#much love




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