Tips for ONLINE SHOPPING | Shop Smart.

I am a Smart Shopper & you should definitely read this post to become one!

Hello Guys,

Having said this sarcastic line, I am here to prove my words right. So without any further ado lets get into the post.
Here are few tips that can definitely help you if you wanna Shop Online.

  1. Trust the Trusted Site:
    So when it comes to shopping online & that too from International website make sure you choose wisely. Shop from website which already has good reviews don’t take the risk of choosing a newly built website for International Online shopping, play it safe for first time.
  2. Research about the Returns:
    Yes this is really important to know about the return policy. My money is really precious to me, so if I get some faulty piece or find some fitting issues- I would not ignore it blindly. So know the Return policy right.
  3. Shipping Cost:
    Most of the Websites have different shipping rates. So find a better deal for yourself. Don’t put so much more money into Shipping that your products cost for eg. Rs 500 and Shipping costs for eg. Rs 350. Its definitely not a good deal guys.
  4. Avoid Card Payments Online- Make COD your bestfriend!
    Now many of you might not totally agree to this, but I am saying it because I have a strong reason to make my point. You don’t know where your bank details are going to be saved on which server..? There is also a tremendous risk when you know your products are going to take some time to deliver. So to be risk free opt- COD.
  5. Know your merchant or payment Gateway:
    This is when you don’t have an option for COD. And when you have to make online payment know your merchant, the payment server. Don’t trust the server which asks more/ unnecessary information. Make credit card payments as that is safer than Debit cards. Also you can trust the services like PayPal.

Now that you have followed all of the above tips, chances of you landing into a Good International website are high. I recently shopped from and I honestly had a nice experience.
But there is one thing that you have to be patient. It takes long to deliver.

Now moving on to Zaful shopping experience & answering your question of should you shop as well?

Honestly I had to wait for my parcel to be delivered to me for almost 15 days. But later I realised its okay, because it was worth the wait!!

Now lets dive deeper,
Quality– There were mainly two things that kept on bothering me one was Quality and other was Fitting. So when this got delivered I could say I can give 10/10 for quality. Its exactly what they have mentioned on their website. So cheers!!

Fittings– & now the most important thing, fittings.

I had read, all the size charts and reviews and everything before I went ahead with placing the order.

But I can give 8/10 for fittings. Reason being “Red Singlet Dress” was somehow too large for me.

It didn’t fit me as I thought it would. But on the other hand, I had an amazing fit in the “Green Maxi dress”.

I was also satisfied.. umm actually extreamly happy to see the accessories. They are so amazing.. I can’t thank myself enough for placing an order for that.

Overall it was a good deal for me and thus I would suggest you guys to shop from atleast once. They have major discounts running all the time.

One of the most important benefit of shopping from International Website is that you get all the Trends right at your doorstep even before anyone has got them 😛

So shop smart guys, make the most out of your money 🙂

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Clicked by : Rahul Bankar


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